Order Process

8 things you should know about how to order a custom made Flight Case

1. Get In Touch

The first step is to give us a call on 086-2374359 or send us an email to info@winstoncases.ie telling us what you want to get cased.

2. Measurements

You can call to our workshop and we can measure up your equipment for you. Or you can give us the dimensions over the phone or in an email. Or we can get the dimensions from the web if they are available there.

3. Construction & Colour

After a couple of questions as to what type of case you require, we will decide what construction the case will be. Light duty, Medium duty, or Heavy duty. And then what colour? Black is the standard.

4. Closure Type

Then we decide how the case will work, with a hinged top lid, or a lift off lid or maybe it should have a removable front and back lids.

5. Case Hardware

Then we decide on the case hardware. Surface or recessed catches, how many handles and where to fit them. Does the case need wheels etc.

6. Foam Insert

 Then we decide on what foam to line the case with. Black hard polyethylene or maybe a more soft grey polyurethane. 6mm, 12mm or 25mm thickness. Will the case be one open plan or do we need to fit dividing walls, how many compartments. There is no limit.

7. Quote, Acceptance & Payment

When we have all this information we can give you a quote for the case or cases. If you wish to go ahead you have a number of ways that you can pay. Cash on collection, bank transfer, or pay by credit card directly through our website.

8. Delivery & Timeframe

Most jobs are completed between 2-3 weeks. In some instances, the equipment will be required to be fitted in the workshop to ensure it is a snug fit and any alterations can be done in minutes. Otherwise we deliver nationwide.