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Product line for Winston Cases


Winston Cases make flight cases for any type of equipment that needs to be protected either in transit, in storage, or in use. Our cases are fitted with fine accuracy so that all equipment is fully protected in any environment. " If you value it, we value it "


For those who can't afford a new flight case, we have options for re-vamping your old flight cases.


Some of our range of cases include:

Musical instrument cases

Audio visual equipment cases

Custom built cases

PC / Laptop / Notebook cases

Pharmaceutical cases




Other types of cases

  • Display cases
  • Bike cases
  • Gun cases
  • Wardrobe cases
  • Make-up cases
  • Waterproof cases
  • Cases for paintings
  • Cases for antiques
  • Sculpture cases
  • Jewellery cases
  • Cases for pharmaceuticals



Our flight cases are high quality, Irish and hand made.





New flight cases made to order


All cases are lined with shock absorbing foam.





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