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Custom built flight cases


Custom built flight cases made to order for the safe transportation of all kinds of equipment.


How do I go about ordering a Custom Built Flight Case from Winston Cases?


  1. You have equipment that needs a case or cases.
  2. You contact us by phone or email and give us the sizes or dimensions.
  3. We discuss the design with you (e.g. whether you would like one or two handles, dimensions, depth of foam etc).
  4. Once we have all the information we need, we give you a price for the job.
  5. When you wish to go ahead you place the order.
  6. Depending on the complexity of the job, we endeavour to have your case made within 5 - 10 working days.
  7. When the job is ready, the equipment is fitted in the case ensuring that there is no movement once the lid is closed.
  8. An invoice is raised and payment is made.



Every Flight Case has six sides cut from 8ft x 4ft sheets of birch ply. Either 6mm or 9mm birch ply is used.

Then we rivet the case together with the aluminium double angle. Most other case manufactures use single angle, which is not as strong. Once the main body of the case is riveted together, then it is time to locate the lid to the base of the case using aluminium location strip. When the lid is secured, it is then time to rivet on the corners, catches, hinges and handles. The case is then cleaned of all loose pieces of wood and bits of aluminium.

It is now time to rivet in any internal dividing walls that may be required and to spray the entire inside of the case with glue. Then the correct foam thickness is cut, sprayed with glue and fitted to the case walls. Sometimes, depending on the equipment, a single block of foam will be used and a particular shape will be cut into the foam.

At Winston Cases, we believe that there is no point in having a good case for your equipment if the foam cuts are not correct and the equipment is moving around inside the case while in transit.



Our custom built flight cases are high quality, Irish & hand made.





New flight cases made to order


All cases are lined with shock absorbing foam







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